Functions of PDA Device

Functions of PDA Device


PDA devices have data acquisition functions, such as bar code scanning, RFID identification, fingerprint identification, etc., to meet the needs of data acquisition applications in different industries. The industrial design of PDA equipment can be used in complex industrial environments, such as northern and cold chain warehouses, high temperature workshops, outdoor rainy days, dust environments, industrial oil pollution and other harsh environments.

The use of PDA equipment avoids cumbersome paper work, simplifies the operation process, and helps enterprise information management.

PDA Device Functions

1. Code Scanning Ability

PDA device can recognize bent, screen, frost, damage, high density, water vapor, damage and other barcodes to cope with different code scanning scenarios.

2, A Variety of Data Acquisition Methods

In addition to one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code scanning, it also supports fingerprint recognition, HF/UHF reading, NFC, DPM code and other data collection functions, which are suitable for logistics express, warehousing, animal husbandry, power inspection, parking management, fixed asset management and other fields.

3, Industrial Protection Level

With a high level of industrial protection, can adapt to complex use environment, such as high temperature, low temperature, dust and other harsh industrial environment. Anti-fall, adapt to the logistics industry often bump the working environment.

4. Data Transmission Function

Support WIFI, WWAN, Bluetooth and other data transmission functions, data transmission is fast and stable, improve the working efficiency of the site.

Application of PDA Equipment in Logistics Express Industry

1. Warehouse management: PDA equipment can effectively, accurately and intelligently identify, collect, record and manage the information automatically in, in and out of the warehouse, and can quickly query and count the relevant information.

2, Distribution management: from the order to pick up goods, cargo transportation, dispatch tasks, delivery personnel delivery, the entire process through the PDA equipment data collection and transmission, managers and customers can grasp the real-time logistics information of express.

3, Signing management: Distribution personnel can quickly record customer signing information and upload it in real time through PDA equipment, which is convenient for statistics and query accounts receivable, and confirm and deal with abnormal situations such as returns and rejection.


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