RFID Antennas in warehouse automation

RFID Antennas in warehouse automation


RFID antennas are used to enable readers to retrieve the information stored on RFID tags and transmit it to the WMS or ERP quickly and efficiently. "

RFID antennas, the key to warehouse automation

RFID antennas are used to easily identify products, materials, medicines and other goods in warehouses, distributors or production lines. RFID antennas are the necessary intermediary for RFID readers to transmit the radio frequency signal and receive the information returned by RFID labels or tags effectively. Subsequently, this information will be transmitted to your ERP or Warehouse Management System.

Automating your warehouse with RFID solutions will allow you to increase the productivity of your warehouse and, above all, minimise identification errors. When choosing the best RFID Antenna for your working environment, you should consider the size and layout of the space, as well as the number of products to be read at the same time.

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