RFID Application in Intelligent Parking Lot Management System

RFID Application in Intelligent Parking Lot Management System


At present, the parking lot is managed manually. When there vehicles coming in and out, the automatic telescopic door needs to be controlled manually. And when there are foreign vehicles in and out, the administrator can only register one by one, which is very time-consuming and laborious, and there will be errors. In this regard, we use RFID vehicle management. This system can enable the guard to monitor the vehicle in time, save the time of vehicle access, and greatly reduce the intensity .

Remote radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is the most advanced fourth generation automatic identification technology in the world. It has just started to rise and has been rapidly promoted and applied in recent years. It has the characteristics of long recognition distance, high recognition accuracy, fast recognition speed, strong anti-interference ability, long service life, and can penetrate non-metallic materials, and has a wide range of applications.

RFID intelligent parking lot management system not only retains all the functions of the traditional parking lot management system, but also improves the management media based on the original charging media. When the vehicle enters the parking lot, the system automatically captures the vehicle image, obtains the vehicle model, license plate and color information after computer processing, and stores these information in the database together with the unique correspondence of the user card. RFID vehicle management When the vehicle leaves the parking lot, it can only be released after the user card, license plate number or vehicle image and other relevant indicators are matched.

1. Performance characteristics are as follows:

1.1 Radio frequency identification technology and computer control are adopted, with high degree of automation and accurate control.

1.2 The remote intelligent identification label technology is adopted with good anti-counterfeiting performance. A parked vehicle has a unique A tag card with a serial number, which cannot be changed. Multiple encryption technology, unique identification, can not be copied. And only the system is approved.

1.3 The contactless smart tag card has no mechanical contact action, long-distance inductive communication and directionality when it is used. The card can be read within the remote reading range of the reader and the card can be read while the vehicle is not stopped, which is convenient for users to use.

1.4 The barrier gate will automatically rise and fall according to the traffic conditions of vehicles, and has the function of preventing vehicles from crashing.

1.5 Parking charges shall be counted and confirmed by computer.

1.6 The combination of computer network and charging software has prevented illegal modification and unauthorized access to data.

1.7 The management computer and each toll computer can realize real-time communication, and the management computer has external interface and strong network scalability.

1.8 The standard industrial control system structure is adopted, and the configuration of different systems can be organized according to different requirements of users, which is convenient and flexible.

1.9 Installation, commissioning and maintenance are simple and convenient, easy to replace and repair.1.10 The whole system has stable performance and reliable use.


2. Principle of intelligent parking lot management system

The remote parking lot management system is to attach the label identifying the vehicle to the windshield of the vehicle, code the vehicle identification information, and calibrate the label to make it consistent with the system. When a car with a tag enters the reading area, the reader emits radio frequency signals to it, and part of the signals received by the tag adjustment are reflected back to the reader. The reader then reflects the identification code contained in the reflected signal to the code reader, which decomposes the identification code from the signal, confirms the code according to the standards determined by the user, and transmits the code to the main computer or other data recording equipment.

When the vehicle arrives at the exit, the system automatically identifies the card number by reading the information of the RFID card, and finds the corresponding vehicle record through the information retrieval in the internal database, so that the interface displays the user type, license plate number, vehicle photo and other information. The system will give an alarm prompt in case of illegal users.

3. Composition of RFID intelligent parking lot management system

At present, it is mainly used to meet the needs of fixed users, supplemented by temporary users, and can be networked and nested to form a powerful parking lot management system, which is mainly composed of UHF RFID remote reader, UHF RFID remote read-write antenna, UHF RFID tag, integrated gateway, entrance UHF RFID card issuer, exit toll machine, network remaining parking space display, network voice intercom, toll screen, voice prompt Vehicle dedicated network camera, parking lot management software, sentry box charging software, etc.

The following are the main parts of the system:

3.1 Entrance control part: integrated gateway, vehicle detector, remote RFID reading and writing antenna, UHF RFID remote card reader, entrance UHF RFID card issuer, and LED external display screen of remaining parking space.

3.2 Exit control part: integrated gateway, vehicle detector, remote RFID reading and writing antenna, UHF RFID remote card reader, and exit toll machine.

3.3 Management center: computer host, parking lot management software, RFID desktop card issuer, etc.

3.4 sentry box center: computer host, sentry box charging software, RFID desktop card issuer, network voice intercom, thermal piaoju printer.

3.5 Image capture system: dedicated network camera for parking lot.


3、 RFID read-write device

Yanzeo is a High Performance UHF integrated reader for long range operation. Compact Reader with integrated 9dBi circular polarized UHF Far Field antenna,.Based on proprietary efficient digital signal processing algorithm,the reader is capable of up to 10m Read Range and 3m Write Range.

The reader operates in frequency range of 902MHz~928MHz design to read ISO18000‐6C and ISO18000‐6B protocol ID Tag.

The reader can be widely applied in many RFID application systems such as logistics, access control, and anti-counterfeit and industrial production process control system.


It is Widely applied in many RFID application systems such as logistics, access control, and anti-counterfeit and industrial production process control system.