How does RFID technology light up the Technology Winter Olympics?

How does RFID technology light up the Technology Winter Olympics?


This article will specifically share the popular application of RFID technology in the Winter Olympics to help everyone better understand the value and influence of the high-tech Olympics.

 the popular application of RFID technology in the Winter Olympics
The science and technology Winter Olympics, which have attracted worldwide attention, have made the Olympic Games a condensed history of science and technology. In the year of the Olympic Games, the development of the RFID industry has opened up a new situation.

No matter in electronic tickets, food safety traceability management, game penalty, access control security system, performance interpretation, clothing linen, smart logistics, anti-terrorism, and anti-riot, etc., RFID has shown its full potential. The popular application of RFID in the Winter Olympics more fully reflects the value and influence of the high-tech Olympics. Next, let's take a look at the outstanding applications of RFID technology in the Winter Olympics.

The large screen of the luggage tracking system for the Winter Olympics at the Capital Airport

During the Winter Olympics, luggage, especially overweight and overweight luggage, will arrive and depart in a centralized manner, spanning hundreds of kilometers from the airport to the Winter Olympics villages, involving a wide area and many links. The airport luggage security task is complicated and extremely challenging.

The construction and operation of the whole-process baggage tracking system for the Winter Olympics have largely solved the pain points of heavy baggage transportation, opaque information, and error-prone.

The use of RFID and other technologies to collect and share transportation data can make the arrival and departure of luggage just like receiving and sending express, and realize the whole process tracking, which not only provides reliable tracking and monitoring mean for security units but also provides transparent and convenient information acquisition for athletes and others. channels, providing strong scientific and technological support for the service guarantee of the Winter Olympics.

The Winter Dreams Program showcased the "smart materials cloud platform", a black technology for the Winter Olympics smart materials created by the perfect combination of 5G and RFID technology

This "cloud platform" relies on one technology and two types of intelligent hardware. One type of technology refers to RFID technology; two types of hardware, one is a face-scanning screen, and the other is an illuminable RFID smart tag attached to equipment (such as helmets, snowboards, etc.).

When the athlete faces the screen for facial recognition and completes identity confirmation, RFID and 5G work together perfectly to transmit the information to the "smart material cloud platform" deployed in China Unicom's cloud, and the cloud platform sends out the smart tag bound with the athlete's identity information.

Light up the command, and after getting the second-level command, the label on the equipment will flash. Athletes can easily receive equipment, and the whole process is safe, rigorous, and fast.

The power of RFID technology in blood security

Ice and snow sports are highly difficult and dangerous. Behind the speed and passion of athletes from all over the world, there is a high injury rate of about 14% in ice and snow sports, and the demand for medical blood has also increased. Therefore, adequate blood protection is essential for sports. The treatment of sports casualties will undoubtedly play a vital role.

In order to ensure blood safety and accurate supply, Langfang Blood Station, the blood supply guarantee unit of the Winter Olympics, integrates advanced technologies such as RFID radio frequency technology, temperature sensor, and software information management, and solves the problem of blood storage at low temperature and cold chain by means of "Internet of Things + Informatization".

It can real-time monitor during transportation, combined with the requirements of safety, controllability, efficiency, and precision ensures that blood is safe, accurate, and controllable during storage, handover, and transportation, and effectively controls the important role of temperature in blood storage and transportation.

The power of RFID technology in washing guarantee

The washing guarantee service for the 2022 Winter Olympics is a large-scale intelligent service system that is centered on the washing of public textiles such as hotels and hospitals and integrates linen leasing, washing services, and logistics and distribution.

RFID can give each linen a unique RFID digital identity, and use UHF to identify and collect equipment to collect the status information of linen in each handover link and each washing process in real-time; relying on powerful data analysis tools, it can Process and whole life cycle management.

RFID technology is applied to the whole process of linen procurement, collection, washing, sorting, and distribution to help the washing guarantee work of the Winter Olympics to be completed successfully.

The Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 was the first of its kind. The application of RFID to Olympic tickets, food safety, anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting, logistics and distribution, and other application scenarios not only ensured the safety of the Olympic Games but also enabled China to accumulate a lot of valuable practical experience in the field of RFID. Boosted the development of the RFID application market.

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