RFID intelligent weighing and grouping system, cattle weighing equipment

RFID intelligent weighing and grouping system, cattle weighing equipment


The grouping of the fattening stage and the timing of cattle slaughter are closely related to the weight of the cattle. Therefore, achieve refined beef breeding and incremental breeding are important.

People’s demand for beef has increased sharply, so the farms have begun to expand their breeding scale year by year, and through regular weighing and analysis of cattle, different feed formulas are used to meet the needs of different growth stages of cattle. Among them, the grouping of the fattening stage and the timing of cattle slaughter are closely related to the weight of the cattle. Therefore, cattle farms have gradually increased demand for intelligent weighing recognition/Beef cattle weighing and dividing system, which are used to solve the problems of pasture weighing and grouping and timely delivery, and to achieve refined beef breeding and incremental breeding.

Ⅰ. What is the RFID intelligent weighing and identification sub-column system?

This system is mainly composed of cattle ear tags, application software, weighing sensors, RFID electronic ear tag recognizers, dynamic weighing control instruments and computers (industrial touch screens). as the picture shows.

When the cattle pass the intelligent weighing and division, the system will automatically recognize the electronic ear tags, collect the weight data, and upload it to the ERP system through the industrial touch screen to realize the automatic grouping of the cattle. 

Ⅱ.System composition and application

2.1 Bull ear tag

As a carrier of cattle identity information, cattle ear tags are mainly used to associate the weight data recorded each time with cattle identity information. The manager only needs to enter the cattle ear tag number to easily check the cattle's weight changes.

2.2 application software

The application software mainly displays the cattle identity and weight data information, and at the same time docks with the related information management system of the ranch.

2.3 Weighing platform channel

A weighing sensor is installed at the bottom of the channel of the weighing platform. When the cow is weighing daily, the weighing sensor will display the data of the cow's weight read on the touch screen and upload the data to the software system.

2.4 RFID electronic ear tag recognizer

Install the panel-type electronic ear tag recognizer at the exit of the bolster (installed according to the direction of the cattle ear tag). When the cow is weighed, it will automatically identify the cow's identity and upload the weight information to the application software in conjunction with the weighing sensor. For this application, the different sizes of Yanzeo UHF RFID reader can meet the installation requirements of different sizes of fixed racks.

Ⅲ.Cattle weighing system

.System advantages
Modern cattle farms use RFID intelligent weighing recognition/beef cattle weighing and division system, which can not only realize automatic group management based on weight data, but also monitor the change and trend of cattle weight, realize refined beef cattle breeding, and reduce manpower at the same time. Improve the efficiency of daily work management; in the face of the ever-increasing gap in beef supply and demand, it can effectively achieve incremental breeding and steadily increase benefits.

In terms of cattle fixation, ear tag wearing, drug administration, epidemic prevention, and treatment can be performed on cattle in Baoding District to reduce the difficulty of daily work. For example, cow management, fetal supervision, and midwifery can be completed more easily.

Ⅴ.Typical application scenarios

Information management of large pasture, animal husbandry applications such as beef cattle, dairy cows, calves, and sheep.