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Innovative smart technology to customize exclusive bar code RFID solutions for customers. Yanzeo always adheres to the strategic concept of smart technology, keeps up with the pace of industry development, follows international standards, actively explores bar code RFID technology, and customizes exclusive communication solutions according to customer needs to achieve customer intelligence The diversified Internet of Things identifies needs, and then creates value beyond value for customers. Yanzeo's professional research and exploration for many years of smart technology gathers the technical essence of the barcode industry. Through the data interpretation of the changes in the modern social information environment, it effectively overcomes the difficulties and special topics of barcode RFID technology, develops and designs industry-leading barcode RFID products to help customers Calmly cope with the challenges brought by precise identification and various identification obstacles, and guarantee a good experience for customers at all times. Its exclusive customized solution is a technological masterpiece based on a deep insight into the professional communication needs of customers, with incomparable flexibility and effectiveness, allowing more customers to enjoy the professional communication guarantee brought by technological wisdom!A benchmark in the field of Barcode RFID solutionsYanzeo, as a science and technology enterprise serving all major fields around the world, has always been guided by smart technology for many years, and has been committed to the research and exploration of barcode and RFID technology. It has hundreds of independent technology patents and is a well-known manufacturer of barcode and RFID equipment. One of the business and solution providers.Yanzeo's strong development strength is the core competitiveness condensed on the basis of two-way development of technological innovation and customer needs. The company invests huge sums of money in scientific research projects in the field of automatic identification all the year round. Through product development and application of innovative technologies, it tailors diversified automatic identification solutions for customers to meet the increasing demand for barcode solutions from customers. The SR series produced PDAs, RFID readers, and other barcode RFID related products have successively passed US FCC certification, EU CE certification and ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. They are widely used in government agencies, public safety, public utilities and logistics supermarkets, property security, etc. In the civil commercial field, it has been designated as the only supplier of barcode equipment by domestic and foreign companies such as DHL, JD, UPS, Amazon, etc. many times.

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